3 Man Melting Phrases
That Make A Guy Fall For You

I’m about to share some secret phrases that no man can resist hearing. 

I’m always scared to give these away, so promise me you’ll use them for good…;)

These phrases, when used on a guy, will give the ability you:

  • Stay in his memory
  • Make him feel like more of a man around you
  • Override his logical brain and get him to melt in your presence

But first: you need to know the difference between compliments and flattery. 

A compliment is a comment that feels earned. 

It’s what makes a guy know that you see the best in him and it makes him want to be his best self around you. 

Flattery is just pumping a guy’s ego. It’s what you get when a woman simply throws praise at guy even if he’s done nothing to deserve it.


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